Beyond Beautiful

FOL member, Dr. Jasmine Zapata, MD, pediatrician, author, mentor, and speaker just released her second book, Beyond Beautiful 2: A Girl's Guide to Studying, Self-Care, and Staying Focused During Difficult Times.

The Beyond Beautiful book series was written to inspire, empower, and remind young girls around the world that they are BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! In addition to outward appearances, they have tremendous inner qualities that, if unlocked, have the power to help them overcome any situation in life and change the world!

Dr. Jasmine's goal is to get the new book in over 10,000 young ladies' hands by the end of 2021 across the nation by partnering with schools, churches, nonprofits, libraries, and families! If you know of any girls who would be interested in starting a book club with some of their friends, Dr. Jasmine is able to sponsor some free books to get them started.

Get Beyond Beautiful 2 HERE
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