Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights Submission Form

Bragging Rights is a tradition Pastor Gee has started that we do on first Sundays to celebrate major milestones, achievements, and public recognitions, where we see ways the members of our church who enter to worship have exited to serve in our community. We are deeply proud of our people, and want to highlight and celebrate what it is God is up to through them in the community.

When submitting, please share the individual's full name as you would like it to appear on screen, as well as all details related to what it is they are being recognized for. Additionally, please plan to submit a picture or two (please no more than 2) to be put up. We will email you to get the pictures.

Please note that this is intended to recognize FOL family members and partners. The goal is to make people aware of special things our folks are up to that we should all know about to celebrate as family as we exit to serve on mission for God in our community.