Bible Study

This Week in Bible Study

When: Wednesday Evenings, 7PM
Where: Fountain of Life Fellowship Hall
Date: July 24, 2024
Title: Not Peace, But Division
Series:  Do You Know Him? Getting to Know the Great "I Am"
Facilitator: Ms. Mary Gill
Passage: Luke 12:49-53
Notes: On Sunday Mornings, FOL is currently preaching through a series titled "Do You Know Him? Getting to Know the Great "I Am." This series is meant to take a look at different "I Am" passages in the Bible, where God communicates authoritatively who He is. In understanding who God declares He is through these "I Am" passages, we can hold to these truths in the middle of a world that feels like it's often shifting and it's hard to gain a stable footing of knowing what to believe in or have confidence.

This week, we will be looking at the passage from Pastor Harry's message this past Sunday, "I Am a Bringer of Division." If you'd like to see the message from Sunday, you can find it here

At FOL, Bible Study is....

Fountain of Life's Wednesday Night Bible Study creates an "oasis-like" atmosphere where anyone can enter into a welcoming space to learn about God in community by studying the scriptures, to experience transformation so that we may follow Jesus in our lives.

Our Values in Bible Study:
- A Welcoming Atmosphere
- A Healthy Learning Environment
- Aiming for Transformation