Pastors & Staff

Rev. Dr. Alexander Gee

Senior Pastor, Vision & Community Transformation

Pastoral Team Members

Jacqueline Gee, Administration & Operations
Kevin Evanco,  Congregational Care & Visitation
Brian Russell, Ministry Quality & Strategic Planning
Lilada Gee, Community Women's Ministry at Large
Tyler Nylen, Discipleship & Teaching
Patrick Yates, Minister at Large

Staff and Ministry Leaders

Tracey Russell, Office Manager
Kim Grafenauer, Administrative Assistant
Willie Love, Buildings and Grounds Maintenance

Malika Evanco, Worship Arts Director
Kim Grafenauer, Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Brian Woodland, Middle School Ministry Director
Catrina Sparkman, Prayer Ministry Director
Kirbie Mack, First Touch Ministry Director (Security, Ushers, and Greeters)
Jeremy Morton, Men’s Ministry Coordinator
Ali Verline-Gee, Young Adult Ministry Co-coordinator
Shawn Washington, Young Adult Ministry Co-coordinator