OctoberFast 2022 - Week 1

OctoberFast 2022 begins October 2nd! As we begin another OctoberFast season, we enter with a focus on the theme of Shared Legacy. As we reflect on our shared legacy as a church, we believe our moments of deepest alignment with the Spirit of God have been when we have done two things: life together and service together. These two elements of life and service are how we can participate in our shared legacy, being renewed at Fountain of Life in our commission to exit to serve.

OctoberFast is part of our shared legacy in the FOL family. Every October for the last 30 years, FOL has been devoted to a month of focused fasting and praying together. We abstain from things like food, technology, and media in order to engage more fully with God. And every year, people experience God in profound and powerful ways, grow deeper in their faith, receive healing, and sense a renewed calling.

Our OctoberFast guidebook has all the details on the weekly fasting practices. You can pick up your guidebook during Sunday morning worship services or access it on our website or app. We look forward to joining together for OctoberFast 2022!
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