Save The Date: FOL/UT Homecoming Oct 21-23

Mark your calendars for the FOL (previously Union Tabernacle) Homecoming weekend October 21-23! The stunning beauty of our UT/FOL ministry is that we have built something amazing together--a sense of family, a sense of relevance in the community, and a sense of developing leaders from all walks of life and for all spheres. God is and has been so, so good to us! Whether you were there when our ministry was first born in Mother Verline's home on Fisher Street, or you just recently started coming to FOL, or are somewhere in between, we invite you to celebrate with us. We would not be here, 45 years into ministry, without you and your faith!

We are commemorating 45 years of ministry, family and community impact
October 21-23, 2022. It would mean so much to have former, occasional, and virtual members gather along with current members and attenders in celebration that weekend. We want to look back together as one big FOL family to reflect on what God has done…and continues to do…with and in spite of us.

Please take a moment to share your current contact information. We want to ensure we have EVERYBODY’S updated contact information so we can keep you informed!
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