Christmas at FOL

Things to know for the Christmas Season at Fountain of Life
  1. Holiday Treat Fellowship: Our annual holiday treat fellowship Sunday is happening December 19, downstairs after service. Everyone is invited to join together as we share the joy and sugary goodness of this holiday season.
  2. Bible Study:  We encourage you to join us each Wednesday night at 7 PM for Bible Study as we take this time before Christmas to study Scripture in light of the season of Advent. In Advent, we look forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus through the theme of waiting, as we long and hope for the coming of Jesus in our lives to bring healing, wholeness, and salvation. Please contact Pastor Tyler for more info.
  3. Christmas Eve: We will not be having a special Christmas Eve service this year. We know there are other churches in our community that will be hosting those services and we encourage you to join your brothers and sisters in the faith community for Christmas Eve this year.
  4. Dec 26th: If you’ve been wondering, we WILL be having a live, in-person service on Sunday, Dec 26th. Unfortunately, we will not be able to livestream our service that day, BUT we will have a special Christmas-themed pre-recorded service that will air that day for all of you who join us virtually on Sundays.
  5. Jan 2ndServices will be in-person and livestreamed as usual on Sunday, Jan 2.
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