Safe Sleep, Sleep Well

Safe Sleep, Sleep Well is a local campaign that aims to educate parents, caregivers and health care providers on ways to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related causes of infant death.  Although there is no known way to completely prevent SIDS, the following steps are ways that parents, caregivers and health care providers can lower a baby’s risk for SIDS: 
  • Place the baby on his or her back to sleep for both naps and at night.
  • Room-Share with baby, this means place the baby in a separate sleep area in the same room where parents sleep.
  • Use a firm sleep surface, in a safety-approved crib, covered by a tight fitted sheet.
  • Keep soft objects, toys, crib bumpers, or loose bedding out of the infants sleep environment.
  • Use a pacifier.
  • Quit smoking or refrain from smoking around your infant
To learn more about safe infant sleep and Safe Sleep Sunday, CLICK HERE

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