OctoberFAST - Week 1

OctoberFAST officially kicks off TODAY!  Psalm 86:5 says “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” We are living in turbulent times, with so much chaos, despair, and darkness everywhere we turn. But our God is greater and we believe our God is on the move! Join us as we pray, fast for, and study REVIVAL this month. Come, Holy Spirit, come!
  • You can find all of the OctoberFAST materials on the FOL app and website. If you’d prefer paper copies, contact Kim
  • This week is the MEDIA, SODA, and SWEETS FAST, meaning we can eat any meal, but will avoid using any media (TV, social media, the internet, our phones and devices, etc) that is not work, school, or church related. This week is often one of the most difficult for many of us because we often indulge ourselves with treats, media, and our devices. But we are going to choose to seek God instead and watch Him show up!
  • Our revival study this week will be one in Mexico in the 1500’s and our Bible readings will be from the book of Exodus.
  • Prayer – 
    • You can find a Prayer Room video online, with a soundtrack to help you enter into prayer and worship.
    • You are also invited to meet virtually with the 4th Watch Prayer Group from 3-6 AM every Friday morning. For info, contact the church office.  
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